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PORICA which came out of the voice of the spot

"PORICA" is a training wig that allows you to easily learn the basics of cutting, winding, and blowdrying.
It is designed to help you learn the correct standing position efficiently, so you can improve your progress faster than ever before.
We have PORICA use toward beauty salon owner and person concerned with beauty school and hairdresser willingly above all.
How was effective, ecological PORICA born for the cut exercise of the hair salon?
The developer'sThought and PORICAcreation story are introduced here.
Development secret story ~ Thoughts of "PORICA" developer Yoshiaki Kubo ~
Development secret story ~ Thoughts of "PORICA" developer Yoshiaki Kubo ~
About 10 years ago, when I was busy every day as a beauty salon owner.
I was keenly aware that it was becoming more and more difficult year by year to teach salon staff the basics of cutting hair accurately.
At that time, I practiced cutting and perming with wigs that had "hair" implanted into them.
“Isn’t there a tool that is easier for the learner to understand?”
After much thought, I came up with a wig with "paper" instead of "hair" attached to the head.
When I used this device to practice cutting "paper", the staff's understanding improved and the teaching time was greatly reduced.
In this way, "PORICA" reflecting on-site thoughts was born.
We have obtained patents in six countries, including the United Kingdom, holy land of haircuts; the United States, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.
PORICA spreads out in the world and hopes that "basic technical ability" and "sensibility" of hairdresser improve.

Developer introduction

Developer Yoshiaki Kubo (ZERO CLUB)

PORICA can practice repeatedly
A member of the design department of Toshiba Corporation, he was in charge of the basic design of condensers for nuclear power plants, and left the company after completion.
Graduated from Tokyo Max Beauty College.
After working at several stores in Tokyo, he now runs four stores both inside and outside of Fukuoka Prefecture. Many of the products he has developed in the past have been patented.
Last year, one of the Kubo methods, the importance of the left hand, was scientifically proven at the University of Tokyo. He also received the Albert Schweitzer Meritorious Service Award in recognition of his educational achievements. He continues daily to take on the challenge of reforming the industry for the next generation.


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