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Frequently Asked Questions from Customers

Haircut practice is effective and eco-friendly with "PORICA"; We often receive from beauty salon owners, school staff, hairdressers, etc., Questions which we will answer here.
PORICA is a brand new training wig that supports improvement of salons.
You can purchase PORICA in our online shop. If you have any questions not listed here, please contact us.

Q & A


Can I use my own scissors when practicing on PORICA?
Can I use it for personal practice?
Are there any classes that use PORICA?
I can't understand the deployment diagram well...
How many times can the winding paper be used?
If it breaks, can I get it fixed?

About Orders

Are there any discounts for ordering multiple products at once?
Can I change or cancel my order?

About Payment

Please tell me about the payment method.
Where is the transfer destination?

About Delivery

How soon will the product arrive after ordering?
How much is the shipping cost?
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