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PORICA, which quickly teaches you the correct standing position

PORICA can practice repeatedly
"I'm practicing, but I'm not improving at all"
"I want to move on from shampoo duty asap"
"Each instructor teaches differently"
"If only there were a learning method that didn't produce waste..."
――PORICA was born from the voice of such a site.
An effective and eco-friendly training wig for haircut practice.
When I cut it, I acquire the important right position efficiently when I use PORICA.
PORICA can replace the part of the paper equivalent to the hair of the wig, and it is possible to practice repeatedly.
Do you not adopt economic, epoch-making PORICA for improvement of beauty technology?

What is PORICA

What is PORICA
PORICA is a training wig that supports the improvement of beauty techniques such as haircuts, winding, and understanding the structure of styles.
The most important thing to improve your technique is to remember the proper position when slicing. If you use PORICA, you can practice while checking each one such as standing position, walking, arm angle etc. by yourself.
What is PORICA
If you're standing in an awkward position or your arms are hanging down, you'll know right away and can correct your position yourself. You can learn the correct position in a short period of time by naturally learning it with your body while repeating it several times.
You won't have to stay up late every day or practice on days off.
By PORICA, you can quickly raise full-fledged human resources who can take on haircut duties.
As a beauty salon, it is possible to efficiently provide services to more customers by increasing the number of people who can be in charge of haircuts.
This will lead to increased turnover and increased sales.

Efficient Practice

We can learn basic positions with PORICA, but of course realistic practice is necessary, too.
By repeating the practice cycle of "PORICA ⇔ wig ⇔ human hair", you can improve more efficiently.
You'll learn the correct position, how to straighten strands, and how to get a good cut.

Curl with PORICA and learn how hair lays

Curl with PORICA and learn how hair lays
If you're not in the right position when cutting your hair, you'll end up bending your back or dropping your arms. With such a posture, you can not cut hair as accurately as you think.
In the case of PORICA, if the waist and arms are not in the correct position, the paper will twist and sag, so you can understand it well.
While correcting to the correct position, you can learn the standing position and stance that suits you with your body, so you can firmly master the position that is the basis of beauty technology.

Mastering Positions in Cycle Practice

Mastering Positions in Cycle Practice
In this way, the cycle practice of "PORICA ⇔ wig ⇔ human hair" is repeated until the basic position is firmly acquired. By practicing repeatedly, you can practice the position you learned in PORICA with wigs and people's hair.

Differences from other practice methods

Differences from other practice methods
In the past, by repeating practice with wigs and practice with human hair, beauticians tried to get the hang of haircuts and winding.
However, with just that practice method, you will not be able to grasp the proper position for slicing, so it will take time to improve.
If you are not in the correct position when cutting, you will not be able to slice properly, or the tension will be loose.
Moreover, with wigs and human hair, it is not possible to see the "face", so it is not possible to know whether the position is correct.
Differences from other practice methods
"I thought I cut it properly, but when I cut it, it wasn't cut straight."
――This is caused by the wrong position, but it is difficult to understand why just practicing with a wig or human hair does not work.
If it is PORICA, I can let a body memorize the position that is important for the beauty technology progress. If you're standing in an awkward position or your arms are down, you'll know right away, and you can easily correct your position yourself.

How to use PORICA

How to use PORICA
With a normal wig, once you cut it down to the scalp, the wig is done and has to be thrown away.
If you replace the paper on the mannequin, you can practice repeatedly as many times as you like.
The PORICA body is used by attaching "cutting paper" with lines in 1 cm increments for cutting practice and "winding paper" with contractility for practicing winding.
You can choose the paper according to the purpose you want to practice, so it is very economical.
In addition, since the part corresponding to the hair is made of paper, it is also excellent in that it can be perceived as a "surface".
The angle and the twist and tilt at the time of slicing are obvious at a glance.
Since you can repeatedly practice the angle at which you cut tufts, how to move your body at that time, and the standing position, you can quickly learn.
Of course, in order to acquire the skills of cutting and winding, it is essential to practice with a wig that actually has hair. By using PORICA and a normal wig together, your progress will be faster.
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