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Developer introduction, secret story

PORICA which came out of an on-site voice

Thought ... of development secret story ... "PORICA" developer Yoshiaki Kubo
The training wig that a cut and winding, basics of the blow are easily acquired as for "PORICA (polymosquito)" (polymosquito).
Progress speed improves in the correct one which is made to stand, and to acquire a position efficiently than before.
I have you use PORICA (polymosquito) toward the owner of hair salon and person concerned with beauty school and the best beautician with pleasure.
How would effective, ecological PORICA (polymosquito) be born in the cut exercise of the hair salon?
I introduce thought and the PORICA (polymosquito) birth secret story of the developer.
Thought ... of development secret story ... "PORICA" developer Yoshiaki Kubo
Approximately ten years ago when I spent busy every day as owner of hair salon.
For the staff of the salon, I keenly realized that it became difficult to tell the basic movement to cut hair exactly year by year.
I drilled it in a cut and the permanent with the wig which planted hair of "the hair" in those days.
For "a person learning it, is there not a more plain tool?"
It is the wig which attached "paper" to a head not "hair" to have hit after I thought it out.
Using this appliance, cut "paper"; after exercising it in it, understanding of the staff increased, and, as for the time to tell, was able to largely shorten it.
"PORICA" (polymosquito) which reflected an on-site voice was born in this way.
Including sacred place U.K. and United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan of the cut, I acquire the patent in six countries.
PORICA (polymosquito) spreads out in the world and hopes that a "basic technology" and "sensitivity" of the beautician "sense" improves.

Developer introduction

Developer Yoshiaki Kubo (ZERO CLUB)

I can practice PORICA repeatedly
I belong to the designing department of Toshiba Corporation and am in charge of the basic design of the condenser of the nuclear power plant and leave the office after the completion.
Tokyo max beauty technical school graduation.
I start the research and development of the beauty-related product while I run the Fukuoka inside and outside 4 store now and do a lecturer activity in home and abroad via Tokyo number store. "The polymosquito training wig" is six countries of the world, and the patent product acquires a patent of most to a past development product, too.
The one of Kubo methods "importance of the left hand" is proved scientifically last year in the University of Tokyo. In addition, the achievement of the past instructional activity is accepted and wins a prize for Albert Schweitzer service. I am struggling for industry reform every day for the next generation.


Fukuoka birth
I belong to the designing department of TOSHIBA Corporation.
I leave the basic design of the condenser of the nuclear power plant of the nation's largest output after charge peacefully in those days.
I enter the Tokyo max beauty school night school.
Via Tokyo number store, I enter "hair salon Cut of Shu" of Shimokitazawa.
I am taught the "way of thinking for the beauty" "basics of the technique" by Mr. teacher Osamu Yamada.
This way of thinking does not change to date.
I return to local Fukuoka and open "a zero hair salon" in Yukuhashi-shi.
I meet a permanent agent using hydrogen peroxide for two drugs.
I included many problems, but it is delicate it is sensitive and discovers easy one side.
I open "a stage hair salon".
It produces house brand.
I persuade the president of manufacturer, and a product develops three articles of permanent agents, extract, relaxor of the oxygenated water.
Is beautiful; notice the need of the improvement of the tool surrounding hair to have the hair permed. I have the various places of the global foaming rubber maker Development Division of Toyota origin cooperate with Mitoyo of the rubber trading company affiliated with Nissan and develop "an air press rod" (AP rod) with the foaming rubber said to be impossibility.
I announce "B & B extract lotion" and "B & B curling lotion" (cosmetics registration) that fully used nutrients more than 30 kinds.
An air press rod acquires two patents
I finish "the setting permanent" improving quality of hair with the Japanese first permanent.
I open "the hot mil hair salon" which featured the theme of healing.
I develop permanent & cut exercise appliance "PORICA" (polymosquito). The present, world patent pending.
A zero hair salon for the 30th anniversary of the foundation!
It is start for development of the good original permanent of the rice cake that there is little damage in substitution for digital permanent, and Rich is deep.
I acquire a utility model with a wagon apron rod case from the Patent Office.
It is exhibited by the Asia's biggest beauty product trade fair (ABEX) held once in four years. I win a favorable reception.
Permanent & cut exercise appliance "PORICA" (polymosquito) is the patent acquisition in China.
I acquire a utility model in beauty efficiency product paper BOX.
I open "the be-up hair salon" which featured the theme of luxury.
Permanent & cut exercise appliance "PORICA" (polymosquito) is the patent acquisition in the U.K., Taiwan, Korea, the United States.
Permanent & cut exercise appliance "PORICA" (polymosquito) acquires a patent in Japan.
Affiliates "combination company hair private supplementary school" establishment.
I open large store "hair salon ZERO CLUB" in Nakatsu-shi.
I develop "a former permanent system" jointly with a cage laboratory.
Cut school "NPO corporation youth hairdressers school" for first Japanese junior high student, high school students establishment.
PORICA official approval starts in SPC GLOBAL.
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